Exotic Plasmas of the Universe Exploration Station

What is it?

The Exotic Plasmas of the Universe Exploration Station is an interactive, hands-on experience designed to inspire an interest in plasma physics in the scientific leaders of tomorrow, and people of all ages.

What kinds of demos and experiments do you do at this exploration station?

Typically, we will bring various plasma displays, including but not limited to plasma globes, spiral shaped plasma displays, and flat, circular disk shaped plasma displays. Along with these, the Van de Graaff generator is a staple demonstration that we bring to this exploration station as well.

Using this equipment, many experiments are performed, specifically:

  • Using the plasma displays, participants will witness a visible plasma spark jumping between two coins on the top of a plasma display.
  • Using the plasma displays, participants can view the effect that the electromagnetic field produced by the displays has on fluorescent light bulbs held close to the displays.
  • Using the Van de Graaff generator, if they are comfortable, participants will insulate themselves from the ground, and observe the effects of the buildup of like charges in their body, sometimes causing their hair to stand up in spectacular fashion!
  • Using the Van de Graaff generator, when insulated from the ground, participants will be equipped with a super power! Participants will use this to harmlessly shoot a stream of charged particles out of their hand when pointing a finger at another person on the ground.

What age group is this best suited for?

This experience is suitable for people of all ages!

How do I book this program?

Go to our Book a Program page for information on how to book this program. This program is typically best fit for family science nights and science expos.