Teacher Resources

Events for Teachers

The annual Physics Fair explores the inner workings of the UW- Madison Department of Physics.

Come see an annual Wonders of Physics show in February – it may spark new ideas for your classroom!

General Physics Resources

Experiments to try at home

Wonders of Physics Demonstrations – more information on the physics behind the show

Teachers Guide (pdf)- printable information on the physics behind the show

Videos and DVDs of Public Shows – see the Wonders of Physics Home Page for more information on ordering or to stream using Media Player

Physics Demonstrations book by Clint Sprott

Database of Physics Demonstrations – from the UW Physics Department

Books of Science Experiments – from the University of Maryland Physics Department

How Stuff Works

Check out our Science Links for other UW Science Outreach Programs

Science Friday (SciFri): Weekly science radio show hosted by NPR. Fridays 1-3pm

Simple Machines used in Cars