The conduction of electrons radiates from a Tesla coil within a plasma ball during a Wonders of Physics show

Welcome to The Wonders of Physics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

Since 1984, The Wonders of Physics has educated and entertained thousands of schoolchildren, families, and the general public.

What are Teachers saying about the Wonders of Physics show?

“It was a great introduction to physics for them, and throughout the year, they would relate concepts to the program.”

“The program generated tremendous discussions amongst the children for quite a few days. It was a wonderful presentation!”

“It was an excellent opportunity for them to see an expansion of science activites that may be discussed in the elementary classroom.”

“I enjoyed watching the excitement of the students. It was very engaging.”

The Wonders of Physics
 program is made possible by grant funding from the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences of the United States Department of Energygenerous donations from our loyal patrons, and revenue from doing traveling shows!

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