The Wonders of Physics Video Contest 2021

Congratulations to the Following Winners!

First Place Winner

Alex Lie – The Rotational World

Best Video about the Physics of Sound

Andrea Smith, Addie Hart, Kayla Stroh, and Thayne Schmitt – Doppler Effect

Best Video about the Physics of Space Travel

Dimple Amitha Garuadapuri – A Timely Exploration: Traveling to Pluto

Best Video about the Physics of Electricity

Lindsay Manteufel, Laura Salman, and Sydney Wirth – Wonders of Physics: Electrostatic Levitation

Best Video about the Physics of Flight

Asif Touhid – Physics Behind the Flight of an Airplane

Best Video using the Metric System

Summer Chapman, Ava Joas, and Brady Fisher – Energy in Action

Best Video from Someone Over the Age of 50

David Blough – Trebuchet

Best Video about the Physics of Waves

Ellie Balensiefen, Trinity Grimes, and Ainsley Moore – Rubens Tube

Best Video about the Physics of Light

Callie Nelson and Morgan Sonderegger – Newton’s Rainbow

Best Video about the Physics of Lightning

Vanshika Somani – The Formation of Lightning!

Best Middle School Entry

Jack and Maddie Ancelet – Newton’s Laws of Motion

Best Rube Goldberg Machine

Trey Wilson – Rube Goldberg Project

PASCO award for the teacher whose students sent us the most high-quality videos

Kristin Michalski – East Troy High School, East Troy, WI

Best Video from Someone in Wisconsin

Sarah Scanlan, Robert Thomas, and Mary Schrieber – Lasers, Gelatin, and Refraction

Best Video about the Physics of Motion

Arnav Bali – Understanding Center of Mass

Best Video about the Physics of Oscillations

Simon Cha – All About Pendulums!

Best Capstone Project

Paige Hyden, Madelyn Krawze, and Rachel Scheffen – Waves through Fire – the Pyro Table

Best Video about Modern Physics

Khadija Balakishiyeva – Wormholes & Time Machines

Best Video from Someone Under the Age of 10

Rowan Evenson – How can Rowan pick his Papa up with one finger?

Physics is the science of matter and energy, and we experience it all around us. Record some of the physics happening around you and share your videos in the contest!

The Wonders of Physics annual show has brought fun and exciting physics demonstrations to the public for the past 37 years. However, this year we need YOUR help to capture the wonders of physics happening in your own home.

Record yourself doing an amazing physics demonstration, explain the science behind it, and enter the video in the 2021 Wonders of Physics video contest. Your video could win you the top award of a Repaper Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet by iskn, along with many other great awards. Plus, the best videos will be featured in the 2021 Wonders of Physics show!

Submissions are closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video! Check back the first of January for details on the 2022 video contest!

Submissions closed as of June 30, 2021


The rules are simple:

  • Create a video demonstrating a physics concept that is approximately 2 minutes long (and preferably in landscape orientation, not portrait).
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter a video on your own
  • If you’re younger than 18 years old, you can submit a video with adult supervision.
  • The video must contain only original work – including any music, sound effects and still photographs, etc.
  • Be safe! You must ensure proper protection and prevention measures are taken while producing your video.
  • And lastly: the video has to be fun!

Need some help thinking of what physics to record?

Take a look here at some possible experiments, materials, and ideas to help get you started!


We automatically enter your video in all the categories for which it’s eligible, based on your video and submission form.  We think there will be a lot of great videos, so we will probably invent categories in order to be able to nominate many of your great videos. Here are a few examples of the categories:

  • Best video in various topics in physics (demos about motion, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, light, quantum)
  • Best video from someone under the age of 18
  • Best video from someone over the age of 64
  • Best video from a school group/large team
  • Physics teacher whose students submitted the largest number of high
    quality videos (the PASCO award: $100 certificate)
  • Best video from a teacher
  • Best video from someone in Wisconsin
  • Best video of a Rube Goldberg machine
  • Best and most accurate use of the Metric System (SI)
  • Best video from a physicist
  • And likely more!


All the videos we receive will be acknowledged — we’ll email you a printable certificate!

But what will you be awarded if your video is chosen as a winner? First of all, we’ll send you a plaque with your name on it! Along with that, you’ll get to choose an award out of a list of fun options. Below are some of the possible awards that will be given to the best videos in each category!

Just a few examples:

The best video out of all the submissions will be awarded the top award of a Repaper Pencil & Paper Graphic Tablet by iskn – use any paper you want and this tablet and pen will record a digital copy!


Still have questions? Reach out to us at