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Ever wondered how many g’s breakdancers experience when they spin? Last year we broke down the physics of breakdancing using slow motion video.

Each month NBC15 invites Mike Randall to broadcast a short presentation on different principles of science in excitingly entertaining ways. This July Mike explains how Newton’s first law can explain the mysterious behavior of the Newton’s Beads!

The 30th Annual Wonders of Physics Show:

The Physics of Mars

YouTube is a wonderful resource for learning more about physics and astronomy. Many teachers choose to devote their time to creating fun, informational videos to teach people of all ages about the sciences.

Here is our favorite channel, MinutePhysics.

Here’s a fun video made by some interns at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland

Wonders of Physics Show 29:

The Physics of the Wisconsin Idea

Wonders of Physics Show 28:

The Physics of the Arts

Wonders of Physics Show 27:

The Physics of Sports

Wonders of Physics Show 26:

The Physics of the Cosmos